29/12/12 2.24pm I am in Blighty! I was quite excited as the plane landed in Birmingham. I have ridiculous jet lag. As I wandered blearily up to present my passport etc I caught sight of a policeman. In my delirium I began to giggle. I knew intellectually that they wear the awesome hats but for some reason when I saw it in real life it amused me to no end. What does not amuse me however, are the dudes walking around with what look like machine guns! Stopped my heart for a second when they walked past my chair in the cafe. I am not in nearly as much pain as I thought I would be. I had an aisle seat for the monstrously long flight to Dubai. I got up and stretched quite a lot. I slept a little bit too. The Emirates food was really good. i remembered Laura Brutal saying how much she loves plane food, all it’s little compartments. i hated the amount of waste i saw though. both food and packaging. I was nervous about the airport in Dubai and finding my flight etc. Turned out that because my initial flight was delayed I had half an hour between flights. It was really easy and I met a lovely teacher from Canberra whose husband lives in Birmingham. Good chats. The Dubai to Edinburgh flight had me booked into a window seat. The plane was much smaller than the first one. This one was more Jetstar size. Squishy. There was a spare two seats behind me so I swapped to there which was the best idea ever. Even better than light bulbs. Yup. DELIRIUM. I am basically writing to keep from falling asleep. Anna is picking me up in Edinburgh which is a relief. I am grinning at the thought of seeing her( and not being in anymore planes for a couple of days).o I have been complimented on my lovely Australian accent by a number of times already. I love the British accents I’m hearing so far. Hey, I flew over Baghdad. That freaked me out quite a bit! Just the fact that I’m on the other side of the planet freaks me out!! The furthest I’ve ever been from Australia. Shiver me timbers, I am so damn excited!! I’ve already tried HP sauce since I arrived. I did not like it. I did like the onion rings in the burger however, and the pickles. I need to walk…. I just went and looked outside AT ENGLAND. Giggling again. The hipster trend seems to be alive and kicking here (@jimi) with I heart moustache shit everywhere. Teehee policeman just walked past wearing his cool hat.


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