Mulled wine

Mulled cider at the Winter Market in Edinburgh

Massive day today. I slept for around 12 hours last night and barely any jet lag today. It is so great to see Anna!!

We took the bus into the city today. Anna practically lives in the centre of Edinburgh anyway. Gorgeous little apartment. We walked up to Edinburgh Castle. Just the everyday buildings blew my mind today with how beautiful and old they are. The McDonalds is in a building that’s probably as old as white people in Australia! So we walked up to the castle which nearly killed me. It was the first time I’ve been in a castle and beginning with Edinburgh Castle was fabulous. The views were stunning let alone the actual structure!

After the castle we went down and did some shopping and then finished at the Winter Market with mulled wine. It gets dark so early here. I feel as though it’s the middle of the night but it’s only 8.00!

I really love this city. It’s like a fairy tale, like a movie. Everything is so pretty. Especially with all the Christmas decorations glittering.

The DomeThe Dome doorway


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