Leaving on a jet plane…

28/12/12 I can see my plane out of the airport terminal window. It was late arriving and therefore we will be late boarding etc. My first time through the scary doors! When I went to Bali I was leaving on a domestic flight so I had never been through to the International part of Melbourne Airport before. Everything moved really quickly, barely any time in the queue. So now, here I sit, gazing at my plane out the window, wondering how much pain my back will give me over the next 23 hours. I keep wondering why people are looking at me with puzzled faces, smiles or frowns. Then I remember: my hair is purple again. My mum did not want me to dye my hair before I left as she is convinced it will make me a target suspect of smuggling drugs or geese or whatever. So far I have been tested for explosives but so were others whom did not have purple hair. So far, so good! First stop is Dubai. Then Birmingham. Then Edinburgh to stay with Anna! Woooooo!!


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