Cardiff, Wales

I arrived in Cardiff on Wednesday evening. Lewis and Niamh took me into town to Jamie’s Italian restaurant in The Hayes which is kind of like Bourke Street Mall but with mainly restaurants and cafes. After dinner we went to have a pint at the pub. Turns out the Welsh have no idea what a Lemon, Lime and Bitters is. In my fatigue I was unable to explain it properly to the barmen so i ordered a pot of cider and received a pint. My bad. Poor guy! 

We sat in the pub and I learnt all about The Troubles in Ireland. I learnt about the Catholics and the Protestants. I’m sure I’ll learn more in a couple of days when we go to Belfast.

Yesterday Lewis, Niamh and myself ‘did Cardiff’. We drove into the city centre from Lewis’ lovely little townhouse and parked near the Millennium Centre. Lewis knows that I am a fan of Doctor Who so he was very quick to point out the sights from Torchwood.



We had a coffee and then hopped on the bus to see the sights of Cardiff.  We got off the bus at Cardiff Castle, had a brief look at the grounds and decided to go shopping instead. I needed to sort out my phone and I wanted to buy a waterproof for next week in Galway. 

After a very frustrating but fruitful visit to the phone shop we had lunch at an American Diner which I managed to pay for before Lewis could. Lewis and I then went to The Doctor Who Experience which was SO COOL!!


You start off by going into a room with all these famous props, like the Van Gough painting of the Tardis. Then Matt Smith pops up on a screen and tells you that he is stuck in the Pandora box AGAIN and that we have to find him…or something. Anyway, we go into The Tardis and we get to press all these buttons while he yells out instructions. Very cool. Then we encounter the Daleks who get distracted by the rogue Daleks so we move through without being EXTERMINATED. Then there is the scary ass forest with the scary ass angels who I HATE so I moved through that quite quickly. No nightmares last night so I think I’m ok! Anyway, it goes on like that until we save The Doctor and all is right in the world…until next time. 

Then there’s the gift shop!! I spazzed out a bit. I wanted to buy all of the things! I settled for some pens, magnets and t-shirts. 

Last night we flew to Dublin. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

Today we are chilling out in the AM and then doing a bus tour and getting a pint in the PM. 

I am loving spending time with Lewis and Niamh. It feels like I’m with family, which seeing as Lewis is my ‘second daddy’ I’m not too far off. 

I am missing home a bit this morning. My girl and the pets. Not the weather though! I am definitely a winter girl!

I am really loving my trip so far 🙂



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