Very early yesterday morning I boarded the coach to Galway. It took about two and a half hours to get from one side of the country to the other. It was only just beginning to get light when we pulled into the Coach Centre, which happens to be next door to my hostel.Image

We boarded another bus and began winding our way through Galway County up to the Cliffs of Moher. This is pretty much the route we took:


The first stop was Dunguaire Castle which was really prettyImage

I met some great Aussies at this point. We stopped at a few more places on the way up the mountain. We visited an ancient tomb: Poulnabrone Dolmen



The tomb was in the Burren National Park. The Burren is made up of fields of mossy grass and limestone. It’s gorgeous. It is exactly how I imagine Wuthering Heights to be set. Here’s me singing Wuthering Heights.



When we finally got up to the cliffs we were faced with a massive hill to walk up. I was so proud that my fitness was better than I thought. For one, I didn’t die!



This is taken 3/4 up the hill. It was well worth the exertion once we saw the cliffs. We were so lucky with the weather! I didn’t evenly need to wear my coat. 

ImageThe ocean slamming into the land and the levels of rock was just incredible to behold.

Today I met some nice people at breakfast in the hostel. We did the walking tour of Galway City together. Tonight we’re going to find somewhere to eat and then I’m going to bed!! My body is killing me. The stairs yesterday have buggered my knees and my back is just plain buggered. I have a private room tonight so I will be able to get more sleep, I hope. 

Around 15 years ago I saw my first pictures of Galway and I felt a pull, a sense of familiarity. Ever since then I have wanted to visit. Now that I’m here, I am not disappointed. I do feel really comfortable here, today at least. Last night I felt really strange walking around at night by myself. I think that’s just old paranoias though. 

I bought a Claddagh ring, which I have also always wanted (since I saw it on Buffy but don’t tell anyone that!). Good times.

Happy and tired.




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